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The truth about Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is where web design is leading! If you don’t have responsive design you are behind the times. 30% of traffic is from people browsing a mobile type device. And if your site isn’t easy to read or navigate via a mobile device you might be missing out on some quality traffic and users.

Responsive web design really comes in handy for an ecommerce website. More and more people are starting to buy or even research products on their mobile device. If you own a web store you should know that if you aren’t responsive you are missing a portion of traffic.

An easy to navigate responsive ecommerce website is really the wave of the future, with more and more devices out there, you are bound to need some kind of easy to use website in the mobile era. And things are going to get even more mobile friendly. Just look at the trend in web design in general. Designers are getting more and more simple in their designs, desktop web design is looking more and more like mobile style applications. This trend and new wave of design is something you need to implement into your website to help increase sales, usability and over all a professional appearance.

Did you know if someone was to ask if you are responsive or have a mobile site and you said no, then you would be look upon and not being a professional company? Well there are the facts, most people expect valuable companies to respond to the market and keep up on the technology of the world. If you aren’t then you lose that trust that some customers might need in order to buy from you online. The big retail companies know this, that is why they are always striving to be the best and new at whatever they come out with. In the last year, most of these big websites have expanded into new and fresh design that mimic mobile sites or responsive design. Ebay, GoDaddy, Google. Sure there are some slackers, like Amazon. But in general big business knows you need to be up on your technology to really gain the trust of the consumer.

So are you responsive?


WordPress for you website needs

When looking for a website, it can be a little intimidating to find the right kind of website. Especially if you are looking for a content management system, or CMS for short. There are tons of CMS to choose from. And depending on the designer that you hire they might prefer one over the other. Not because they think theirs is better but because they chose to learn just that one and that one alone. But the best Content Management system out there would have to be hands down WordPress. It is estimated that in 2012 33% of the websites on the internet were WordPress. That’s huge! Why so many? Because WordPress is easy, intuitive, and probably has the largest community and documentation online than all the rest of the CMS out there. There are tons of free themes, free plugins that drive the core platform. And most of the development is from very good programmers as, there is a certain standard that WordPress requires for adding to their repository.

So how does WordPress stand out from the rest?

It is super flexible. And you can theme or “skin” it pretty much anyway you want. Some of these other frameworks are pretty limited on the way you can arrange the source code. WordPress is made to be built on top of  and has the ability to overwrite the core structure without hacking the core files. This means easy and flawless updates. Some of these other CMS sites out there you end of hacking the core files and it makes it almost impossible to update when they release new security updates. Did I mention the free stuff? Oh right, said that already ;) Another big thing about WordPress is that there are tons of designers out there that develop on WordPress as it is pretty much the king when it comes to a blogging platform. So you should have no problem finding a great designer. Just watch out for the people who use WordPress as a crutch and don’t actually know any code, just how to install and slap a template theme up.

What are you waiting for, scoot on over to WordPress.org and grab you install today and then hire a local designer and see the power for yourself.

Creative Web Design to Stand Out from the Competition

Advertising has been around for a very long time. And one of the basic concepts and the root of

any advertisement involves standing out from your competition. Mediocre doesn’t help you establish trust with your clients.  There is something about seeing something that you know someone spent the time to really craft and focus on the details. These are the things that clients or customers are looking for. On an subconscious level they are gravitated toward such things.

On a conscious level they see the attention to detail you have. They appreciate the focus and it makes them feel that this is the type of person you are and what you will reflect back to them. This is your advantage as a company to stand out from your competition. It’s okay to bootstrap it in the beginning and rebrand yourself once you reach a certain level. But you should NEVER settle for mediocre. And if you have an 8 year business you should not still be in the bootstrap phase. Invest some of your money and success into refining your brand.

Any big brand knows this secret. That you have to be constantly evolving, creating new products, creating a new and fresh look. Because image is everything. And something new always stands out in a customers mind that something that is old and familiar. In fact if what you produce is not eye catching more than likely you will get looked over and business will go to the person that grabs attention!

So what are you waiting for? Start thinking outside the box!