Responsive Web Design Techniques

We live in a day and age which has us planning our days around how fast we can accomplish our tasks. Technology and the use of social media has provided us with the ability to communicate on a real time basis from great distances, thus, any use of media from a professional standpoint must be designed to serve the user at the highest standard available. Responsive web design techniques create outstandingly simple navigational capabilities, provide excellent visuals with clear, concise graphic images, and gives the user a much more enjoyable experience during use by minimizing the need for manual adjustments to be made consistently.

Technically speaking, responsive web design consists of three components:

-Virtual imaging made available through the use of technological re-sizing.

– Question and answers are right at the users fingertips.

– With the fundamental design being grid-based, re-sizing is kept to a minimum.

When speaking strictly in regard to responsive web design, a wide variety of devices are compatible with the services offered and the resulting benefits. If implementation of responsive web design is to be effective in use and result in growth, all three core components mentioned above must be available and utilized according to their individual purpose.

In regard to the “grid-based” aspect of responsive design, there are three types that can be considered for use and implemented to the benefit of the user, bringing about speed and efficiency in all regards:

* Media Queries

These permit a page to utilize various CSS forms . The form used is chosen depending on the browser features it possesses. For those of you who have media queries as a focus, any glitches you may have notices on smaller devices are typically due to size adjustments being made during the delivery process.

* Fluid Grid

Re-sizing will need to be conducted when utilizing this grid method. The re-sizing which is conducted needs to be completed on a basis of percentages rather than altering the media by other means of measurement.

* Images which are Flexible

These will also need to be adjusted accordingly, a process which assists keeping the media within its parameters of origin.

Prior to responsive web design being made a fairly mainstream resource, progressive enhancement was commonly used to semi-accomplish the same goal. There was also regular usage of resources such as JavaScript and others. The technology now available for our use in accomplishing the same purpose is far more effective, providing more clarity and speed. These facts make responsive web design technology the best option for optimizing your the applications and sites you use to serve you clients and customers. Research the topic today, and discover the great ways you can use responsive web design to improve your prospects for the future!

Graphic Design Techniques

Graphic design is the process of communicating a message to an audience through a combination of art and technology. It is used in almost all aspects of daily life, from the packaging on the food that we eat during the day to logos and designs on the clothes that we wear. Companies will often employ graphic designers to create advertisements for their products as they have the knowledge and experience to create eye catching designs. There are a number of different graphic design techniques that are used most often.

If the design is based around an image then this image will have to convey the entire message to the audience. The types of images that can be used for this purpose include photographs, images that have been drawn and those that have been created using a computer program. There may need to be a small amount of text in the advertisement but the main focus will be on the image, so it will need to be relevant to the company.

Typography based design will use words to communicate a message. The graphic designer will have to consider both the wording of the advertisement and how the words themselves look. Without an image, some people may be put off reading a lot of words so the designer will need to ensure that the words look attractive and make people want to read them and find out more about the product.

Images And Type

A combination of images and text are sometimes used as this utilizes the two most popular design techniques to create an attractive but informative advertisement. The image can be used to get the attention of the audience and to convey a message which can then be consolidated through the information that is provided by the text. The role of the designer involves finding the right balance between the use of text and images.

A company logo can make it instantly recognizable to customers. They will often be a symbol rather than a specific image. A graphic designer can work with a company to develop a logo that perhaps reflects the industry that the company is in or the products that they offer. It is also important to consider the audience that the company wants to reach and how the audience would respond to the logo that has been designed.

When working with a graphic designer it is important that the company provides them with as much detail as possible about the message they want to get across to their customers and how they want to achieve it. The graphic designer will then be able to choose the most appropriate technique for turning this message into a advertisement that customers will connect with.